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24 X 7 Monitoring And Patching

Avoid catastrophic data loss via 24/7 security monitoring and patch management.


Backup And Restoration

Our proactive plans will make sure you are prepared with the best backup solution to protect and restore any of your data.


Server Management

We will manage all of your server needs, from software updates to patching and security.


E-Mail Hosting

Can you afford to be without your e-mail for even a single day? Let us securely host your e-mail on our off site servers that have a 99% up time.



We offer our customers technology education lunch and learns onsite or via remote video sessions. Help your staff gain the knowledge on how to avoid cyber security breaches and other valuable IT information.


Third Party Software Support

Are you or your staff spending too much valuable time working with your software vendor to fix your office program? We will take over all of your office third party support issues so you can spend your time on business management and growth.


Cutting Your Costs

We will examine all of your office expenses from phone bills to internet costs and work with vendors to lower your monthly rates.


Slow Computers

Spending too much time waiting on your computer to complete simple tasks? We can increase the speed of your computers, improving office productivity and efficiency.


Hardware Purchases

We help with all your hardware technology needs. We have the vendor relationships to deliver your hardware at the best discounts.


Website Design

We can help design your website with a modern look and feel, that will help you become more visible to your customer base.


Advatek has been a provider of Managed IT services and robust technology solutions for over 20 years.

Advatek’s Managed IT security  services provide you with a full-time IT department for a fixed monthly rate. Our team of certified technicians will help you take control of your IT infrastructure. No matter the size of your business, maximizing productivity and profits is dependent upon efficient technology. By investing in the Advatek Advantage, you begin the digital transformation of your business and guarantee the growth of your operations. Through the strategies of our Advatek Advisors, you can minimize down-time, strengthen data security, and identify potential risks to your business before they become costly. Our Advisors tailor Advanced Solutions to the It technology barriers and bottlenecks stunting the growth of your business. With Advatek, you join thousands of other businesses who have capitalized on efficient technology and gone digital with Cyber Security, IT audit, HIPAA compliance, HIPAA audit, Home health software, IT security, IT managed services, IT medical, IT Healthcare, IT home health, IT support,
IT nursing homes, etc.


Experience The Advatek Advantage

Free Dark Web scan

Get a free Dark Web scan of your company to see if your security has been compromised and what steps you need to take to protect it.

Dark web scan

Price beat guarantee

We will beat the price of any certified service provider. Just send us your most recent invoice from your current provider and we will beat the price for the same service. Guaranteed!

Save money now

Fastest response times in town

We are locally managed and owned so we know how important it is for you to stay up and running for your customers.

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Questions you should be asking when searching for a technology service provider:
  • Are all your technicians Microsoft and industry certified?
  • Are your service desk and technicians all local?
  • Is there a charge to work on the same issue I was already billed for?
  • Is there an additional charge for after hours or emergency service calls?
  • Is there an additional charge for on-site service calls?
  • Do you charge for every call or E-mail question I may have?
  • Do you carry liability and Cyber insurance?


01. Minimize IT Expenses

One of the top benefits of using a managed service provider is that it is a great way to reduce expenses for your business, as you do not have to worry about hiring additional IT employees. Instead, you will pay a fixed price each month, which makes it much easier to stay within your budget and you will never have to deal with any hidden expenses. An IT provider also gives your company access to the latest technology available, which is much more affordable than purchasing new hardware on a regular basis.

02. Enhance Security

Another benefit of using a managed service provider is that it will protect your business from cyber threats. Of course, a cyber attack can disrupt any business, but the use of an IT support company gives your organization much-needed protection against these ever-evolving threats. An IT provider will monitor your network at all times and ensure that your entire computer system automatically downloads the latest security updates and has the most recent anti-virus software for maximum protection.

03. Improve Productivity of Employees

An often overlooked advantage of using an IT service company is that it is an excellent way to improve the productivity of your entire workforce. For example, a managed service provider allows your staff to focus on their core job objectives, instead of continually dealing with technical issues in the workplace. An IT provider will handle everything related to technology, which gives your employees much-needed freedom to focus on their job without any distractions.


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    Are you ready for a more productive business? Discover how ADVATEK can help you.

    In today’s technology-driven landscape, businesses heavily rely on information technology (IT) to operate efficiently and securely. Two key aspects of this digital ecosystem are IT support in Florida and IT security in Florida. IT support in Florida ensures smooth functioning of systems and resolves technical issues, while IT security safeguards critical data and infrastructure from threats. This article explores the significance of these interconnected domains and highlights their importance in maintaining business continuity.

    IT Support in Florida: Empowering Productivity

    IT support serves in Florida as the backbone of any organization, providing technical assistance to end-users and maintaining the IT infrastructure. It ensures uninterrupted operations by promptly resolving hardware and software issues, troubleshooting network problems, and assisting with software updates and installations. Timely IT support in Florida minimizes downtime, boosts employee productivity, and enables seamless workflow, contributing to overall business efficiency.

    IT Security in Florida: Safeguarding Critical Assets

    With the rise of cyber threats, ensuring robust IT security in Florida measures has become paramount. IT security encompasses a range of practices, including network security, data protection, access control, and threat detection. Implementing firewalls, antivirus software, encryption techniques, and secure authentication protocols fortifies defenses against cyber attacks, data breaches, and unauthorized access. By safeguarding critical assets and sensitive information, IT security in Florida maintains the trust of customers, partners, and stakeholders.

    The Synergy: IT Support and IT Security in Florida

    IT support and IT security are interconnected, forming a symbiotic relationship within an organization’s IT ecosystem. Effective IT support includes proactive measures to ensure security, such as regular software updates, patch management, and system monitoring. Conversely, robust IT security measures bolster the effectiveness of IT support by reducing the risk of disruptions caused by security incidents. The collaboration between these domains is crucial in preventing data loss, downtime, reputational damage, and financial loss.

    Advatek: Your Trusted Partner in IT Support and IT Security

    When it comes to IT support and IT security in Florida, partnering with a trusted provider like Advatek can make a significant difference. Advatek offers comprehensive IT support services, including help desk support, network management, and system administration. Their team of skilled professionals ensures prompt issue resolution, proactive maintenance, and tailored solutions aligned with your business goals.

    Moreover, Advatek specializes in robust IT security solutions, offering risk assessments, vulnerability management, firewall configurations, and incident response planning. They prioritize staying up-to-date with the latest security trends and technologies, providing proactive defense against emerging threats.

    In an increasingly digitalized world, the collaboration between IT support and IT security is crucial for business continuity. By providing reliable technical assistance and safeguarding critical assets, these domains play integral roles in maintaining productivity, protecting sensitive data, and minimizing disruptions caused by cyber threats. Engaging a reputable partner like Advatek empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of IT support and IT security in Florida, ensuring a resilient and secure digital infrastructure for long-term success.

    Elevate Your IT Experience with Home IT Services and Outsourced IT Support in Florida, USA

    In today’s fast-paced digital age, having a reliable IT infrastructure is crucial for both homes and businesses. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to optimize your home network or a healthcare provider seeking cutting-edge home health software solutions in Florida, USA, you’ve come to the right place. At Advatek we are your trusted partner for Home IT Services, Outsourced IT Support, Managed Services, and state-of-the-art Home Health Software in the sunny state of Florida.

    Home IT Services: Bringing Tech Solutions to Your Doorstep

    In a world where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, ensuring that your home IT setup runs smoothly is paramount. Our Home IT Services in Florida are tailored to meet the unique needs of homeowners. Whether you’re struggling with slow Wi-Fi, need help setting up smart home devices, or require assistance with computer maintenance, our team of expert technicians is here to assist you.

    Our Home IT Services Include:

    Wi-Fi Optimization: Say goodbye to dead zones and buffering. We’ll optimize your home network to ensure seamless connectivity throughout your property.

    Device Setup: From smart TVs to thermostats, we’ll set up and configure all your smart devices, making your home truly smart and efficient.

    Computer Repair and Maintenance: Is your computer running slow or plagued by viruses? We offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services to keep your devices in top shape.

    Data Backup and Recovery: Protect your precious memories and important files with our data backup and recovery solutions.

    Outsourced IT Support: Your Business’s IT Lifeline

    For businesses in Florida, having a reliable IT partner can mean the difference between success and struggle. Our Outsourced IT Support services are designed to ensure that your business’s IT infrastructure operates flawlessly, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

    Our Outsourced IT Support Services Include:

    24/7 Helpdesk Support: Our team is always ready to assist you with any IT issues, day or night.

    Cloud Services: Embrace the power of the cloud with our scalable and secure cloud solutions.

    IT Consulting: We provide expert guidance to help you make informed IT decisions that align with your business goals.

    Managed Services: Simplifying IT Management

    Managing IT can be complex, time-consuming, and costly. That’s where our Managed Services come in. We take the hassle out of IT management in Florida, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

    Our Managed Services Offer:

    Proactive Monitoring: We keep a watchful eye on your IT infrastructure, detecting and resolving issues before they impact your business.

    Regular Updates and Maintenance: Stay up-to-date with the latest software and security patches without lifting a finger.

    Scalability: As your business grows, our Managed Services scale with you, ensuring your IT infrastructure can handle increased demands.

    Cost-Efficiency: Say goodbye to unexpected IT expenses with our predictable, flat-rate pricing.

    Home Health Software in Florida: Revolutionizing Healthcare at Home

    The healthcare landscape is evolving, and so are our solutions. If you’re a healthcare provider in Florida, our Home Health Software is your ticket to delivering exceptional care to your patients in the comfort of their homes.

    Key Features of Our Home Health Software:

    Patient Management: Easily manage patient records, appointments, and care plans with our intuitive software.

    Remote Monitoring: Stay connected with your patients through remote monitoring tools that provide real-time data and alerts.

    Billing and Compliance: Streamline billing processes and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

    Customizable Solutions: Tailor our software to your specific needs, whether you’re a home health agency or an individual practitioner.

    Why Choose Us?

    Expertise: With years of experience in the IT and healthcare industries, we have the knowledge and skills to meet your unique needs.

    Dedication: We are committed to delivering top-notch services and software to our clients, ensuring their satisfaction and success.

    Local Presence: We are proud to serve the vibrant communities of Florida, USA, with a local touch and global expertise.

    Innovation: We stay at the forefront of technology trends, offering innovative solutions that keep our clients ahead of the curve.

    In conclusion, whether you’re seeking Home IT Services, Outsourced IT Support, Managed Services, or Home Health Software in Florida, Advatek is your trusted partner. We are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that elevate your IT experience and empower your business or healthcare practice to thrive in today’s digital world. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey towards a brighter, more efficient future together.

    Florida, known for its sunny beaches and vibrant culture, is also making waves in the realm of home health care. With the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and healthcare, the state is witnessing a revolution in how home health services are delivered. In this blog post, we will explore how IT is transforming home health care in Florida, USA.

    Telehealth Advancements:

    One of the most significant impacts of IT on home health care in Florida is the widespread adoption of telehealth services. Telehealth allows patients to receive medical consultations and monitoring from the comfort of their homes, reducing the need for in-person visits. This not only improves access to care but also minimizes travel-related stress for patients, especially in a state as geographically diverse as Florida.

    Electronic Health Records (EHRs):

    IT solutions have enabled the seamless creation and sharing of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Home health agencies in Florida are now able to maintain accurate and up-to-date patient records, ensuring that healthcare professionals have real-time access to essential patient information. This has improved the coordination of care and reduced errors in treatment.

    Mobile Health Apps:

    The proliferation of mobile health applications has empowered patients to actively participate in their health management. Floridians can now use health apps to track their vital signs, schedule medication reminders, and communicate with their healthcare providers. These apps make it easier for individuals to manage chronic conditions and maintain overall well-being.

    Remote Monitoring Devices:

    Florida’s home health agencies have embraced IT-driven remote monitoring devices. These devices enable real-time tracking of patients’ health metrics, such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and heart rate. Any anomalies can trigger immediate alerts to healthcare providers, ensuring timely interventions and preventing potential complications.

    Data Analytics:

    IT solutions have also unlocked the power of data analytics in home health care. By analyzing vast amounts of patient data, healthcare providers in Florida can identify trends, predict disease outbreaks, and customize treatment plans. This data-driven approach enhances the quality of care and helps in making informed decisions.

    Improved Communication:

    Communication among healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers has become more efficient through IT tools. Secure messaging platforms and video conferencing facilitate quick consultations and collaborative decision-making, even when participants are located across different parts of Florida.

    Information Technology has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of home health care in Florida, USA. It has facilitated the adoption of telehealth, streamlined record-keeping with EHRs, empowered patients through mobile apps, enabled remote monitoring, harnessed the power of data analytics, and improved communication among healthcare stakeholders. As IT continues to evolve, the future of home health care in Florida looks promising, with enhanced accessibility, quality, and patient-centered care at its core. The synergy between IT and home health care is undeniably transforming the way Floridians receive and manage their healthcare needs.

    In recent years, the healthcare industry has seen a significant transformation with the integration of Information Technology (IT) and home health software into various aspects of patient care. This digital revolution is not limited to hospitals and clinics; it has also made its way into nursing homes, ushering in a new era of improved patient care and administrative efficiency.

    The Role of IT in Nursing Homes

    Nursing homes have traditionally faced challenges in managing patient records, medication administration, and staff coordination. IT solutions have emerged as the saviors of these facilities, streamlining operations and enhancing resident care.

    One of the most significant advantages of IT in nursing homes is the digitization of patient records. With Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, nurses and healthcare professionals can access patient data with ease, reducing errors related to manual record-keeping and ensuring that residents receive appropriate care promptly. This improved access to information enables healthcare staff to make more informed decisions regarding patient treatment plans.

    Home Health Software: A Game-Changer

    Home health software takes the integration of IT in nursing homes to the next level. This software facilitates remote monitoring and communication, making it possible for healthcare providers to extend their services beyond the facility’s walls.

    By leveraging home health software, nursing homes can better coordinate care for residents who transition between in-home and facility-based care. Caregivers can access real-time data, enabling them to adapt care plans as necessary, ensuring continuity of care and a smoother transition for residents.

    Benefits for Patients and Families

    The integration of IT and home health software in nursing homes also brings several benefits to patients and their families. Families can stay connected with their loved ones through secure communication platforms, gaining peace of mind knowing they can easily check on their well-being.

    Furthermore, remote monitoring and alert systems can quickly notify healthcare providers and families about any significant changes in a resident’s condition, allowing for swift intervention when necessary. This proactive approach to care enhances the quality of life for residents and ensures their safety.

    Administrative Efficiency

    Beyond patient care, IT solutions and home health software contribute significantly to the administrative aspects of nursing homes. These systems help with staff scheduling, payroll, and billing processes, reducing administrative workload and minimizing errors.

    In conclusion, the integration of IT and home health software in nursing homes is revolutionizing patient care and administrative efficiency. These advancements enhance the quality of care for residents, provide families with peace of mind, and simplify the management of these facilities. As technology continues to evolve, nursing homes that embrace these innovations will be better equipped to meet the growing demands of an aging population and provide superior care to their residents.