Outsourcing your law firms IT services is an excellent long-term investment. Being the sole source of IT support for many law firms in the greater Memphis area, Advatek has the expertise and knowledge to handle all of your technical needs. We offer around the clock IT support, while also giving you the best protection against cyber-security threats.

We understand your law firm’s unique business requirements and will customize an IT infrastructure with solutions that help you manage your costs and streamline your operations.

Here are a few reasons to consider using a Managed IT Service.

Improve Your Productivity

Constantly dealing with technical issues takes up a lot of time and is always a frustrating experience. However, using a managed IT service provider allows you to focus on your legal practice without any additional distractions.

Stay in Compliance

Keeping all of your clients’ data safe is a top priority for a law firm. A managed service provider helps you stay in compliance by giving you the latest protection against cyber-criminals.

Predictable Costs

Hiring your own IT team is a significant investment that requires a lot of time and energy. The cost of training in-house IT employees can quickly get expensive. On the other hand, a managed IT service provider gives you access to IT experts at a fixed cost each month.

Technology plays a vital role for law firms, with Advatek’s managed services you will have a proactive IT support team, that will work behind the scenes to ensure you have the technology you need to meet your clients’ demands.

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