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How Big is the Demand for Managed IT Services?

Comprehensive IT Solutions for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

Businesses today are almost completely dependent on technology to function, prosper and grow. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 94% of small business owners report that technology helps them run their business more efficiently. 86% percent of small business owners in the U.S. believe that technology platforms have helped their business survive through COVID-19, and 87% believe technology has helped them grow in challenging conditions.


This reliance on technology has caused a surge in IT spending, and has helped the industry evolve beyond the break-fix model into the far more comprehensive managed IT services model. For small- and medium-sized businesses, this approach makes sense. By outsourcing their IT needs for a predictable price, business owners have access to a partner that they trust to make sense of the ever-changing technology landscape, while also staying safe from network outages and cyberattacks, and becoming more efficient and profitable in the process.

“There’s no question that we’re in the customer service business,” says Chuck Lennon, Executive Vice President of Advatek . “What makes us successful is that we talk the language of business, and not the language of technology. If a customer wants to reduce their overhead costs or become more efficient, we help them find the right solution to fit their needs. By hiring us as their managed IT services provider, we give them the peace of mind necessary to focus on their business, knowing that they have someone who is watching out for their best interest.”

How Does Advatek Get Managed IT Services Right?

Advatek provides outsourced managed IT services using a team of certified technicians. We solve IT problems for our clients, and, more importantly, by acting as technology consultants and putting the right IT solutions in place, we can help our customers become more efficient and ensure that their business data remains secure and accessible from anywhere.

For the customer, managed IT services mean there will be virtually no downtime. Potential IT challenges are identified and often fixed before they have time to become major problems. Maybe it’s a piece of hardware that is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Or a piece of software that needs a critical security patch. Or an employee who needs training to efficiently use software. In all those cases, Advatek technicians can help. Since the help is covered under a long-term contract, there aren’t a lot of extra charges, which makes IT expenses predictable and easy to budget.


For the Advatek franchise owner, the advantage of managed IT services is a predictable, recurring revenue stream, which gives you peace of mind as you manage and grow your business. Managed IT services also offer greater potential profit margins compared to the typical repair work that most independent IT businesses rely upon. Averaging about $150 per month for each employee a company has on payroll, our average managed IT services contract brings in about $2,300 per month.

“There aren’t a lot of managed IT services providers out there,” says Patrick Spaan, Director of Franchise Development with Advatek. “Our managed IT services platform sets us apart: we don’t bill a customer every time they break something. We wake up and make sure that our clients are up and running—because if they aren’t running, we are losing money. This gives our clients peace of mind because they know that our goals are aligned with their goals.”

Advatek Franchise Owners Enjoy Multiple Revenue Streams

In addition to our growing managed IT services segment, Advatek franchise owners benefit from offering an array of services that help diversify their businesses, increase profitability and foster growth.


The full range of services includes:

Advatek Managed Services System

We use a software platform to remotely monitor our clients’ systems and alert our franchisees and technicians about network, server, hardware, security, or software issues. The monitoring and management solution detects and applies operating system patches that could make a business vulnerable to hackers. The security and antivirus solution scans for viruses and malware, and prevents incidents or breaches before they cause havoc. The monitoring and management solution will also keep data and statistics on the overall health of a client’s network infrastructure.

Data Backup and Recovery

Advatek can set up local and cloud-based backup solutions for customers, so that if a server goes down, the business can typically keep running with minimal downtime or disruption. By creating a cloud-based version of a customer’s network, we can provide them a safe and functioning IT environment that can help them keep their business going even in the event of disaster. Fire? Tornado? Earthquake, Flood or Hurricane? Even if the building is gone, the business can still function and continue operations. For newer customers who might not yet have a managed IT services contract, Advatek can also repair computers and can often recover critical data from machines that have failed.

Computer Assessment and Purchasing

Advatek does more than fix things when they break. We also study customers’ existing IT infrastructure and offer advice about changes or additions that can make their businesses more efficient, productive and secure. We can advise them on equipment investments and infrastructure life-cycle while using our nationwide network of vendor relationships to provide a competitive quote on equipment that appropriately meets the needs of the client.

Installation of Systems, Hardware and Software

We will make sure clients’ network and infrastructure systems are properly set up and running at the highest level of performance. Sustainment and support is maintained through continuous managed IT services. That includes solutions to help employees access key files conveniently and securely.

Email Management

We can install and configure various email solutions, optimize the email systems for high performance, filter and secure email spam, and archive and administer email systems with client’s storage and retention policies.


Advatek technicians can solve many problems remotely, but we can also make on-site visits to the businesses we serve. Additionally, customers can take advantage of a 24/7 help desk.

Attention to detail

When was the last time you looked at the web of wires behind your home entertainment center? Does it look like a mess of knots and confusion, or is it neat and tidy, with every cable labeled and secured? Advatek makes sure the cabling connecting your business technology looks as great as it runs. That’s important, because it makes upgrades and troubleshooting simpler later on.

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